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Classroom Checklist 


All meals will be provided by the parents: breakfast, lunch, snacks

Parents of infants and toddlers:

You will be responsible for providing infant formula, baby food/cereal, and diapers/wipes for your child.  

Infants will need cle​an bottles everyday enough for each feeding.  Please send diaper cream if you would like for your child.


All children ages 1-5 (pre-k) will needs nap items.  A blanket, fitted crib sheet, pillow, or stuffed animal is accepted.

  These items really help children get the rest they need.  

All classrooms

It is our recommendation that children of all classrooms have extra seasonal clothing in their cubby at all times.  

Other items such as: sunscreen, water bottle, bathing suits, towels will be needed at specific times during the year.

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